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Meet our CEO and CIO,  Daniel Wildermuth as he talks about the history, the investment approach, and philosophy behind Wildermuth Asset Management.

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About Us

Wildermuth Asset Management is a money manager overseeing Separately Managed Account strategies that include a variety of equity and fixed income asset classes specifically created to maximize clients’ earnings potential.

With the mission to meet long-term financial goals for its partners, Wildermuth Asset Management strives to increase financial security by instituting strategies that maximize growth while preserving personal wealth and assets.

Committed to maintaining the highest principles of integrity and professionalism, Wildermuth Asset Management honors its clients with exemplary service and fortitude.

Portfolios to build your client’s financial future

We have structured our portfolio selections to provide various means to integrate investor goals while leveraging investment opportunities across styles, sectors, and global markets.

We design our strategies to take advantage of a changing market. Our goal is to reduce volatility and downside risk while increasing expected total return.

Contact Wildermuth Asset Management today to learn more about how you can represent over 15 well-diversified portfolios to maximize your clients’ earnings potential.

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