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Investment Philosophy: Portfolio Selection Process

Key Stock Selection Concepts White Paper

Wildermuth Asset Management’s philosophy and investment selection process go hand-in-hand with portfolio integrity and wealth management above all else.

We primarily focus on selecting companies based on an evaluation of 20 dimensions of mispricing. Criteria involves several key aspects including, Intrisic value, management quality, earnings quality, price momentum, and economic margin analysis.

The Intrinsic value identifies the top quintile companies with the highest intrinsic value based on the percent of market value to our internally calculated target value.

Stock Selection Process specific to the Equity Commodity Strategy

Security Selection Process specific to the Liquid Endowment Strategy

Market Commentaries

by Daniel Wildermuth, CEO Wildermuth Asset Management

Daniel Wildermuth is recognized as having an extensive knowledge-base and foresight into national and world events.

As a respected author and successful analyst, Mr. Wildermuth examines and reflects on today’s financial trends, and how they’re shaping the investment landscape.